A NEW series of PUMA Oil Less Air Compressor for Medical Applications ; Food Processor Equipment ; Laboratory; Dentistry; Beauty Salon; Art Creation Centre; Hospitals Or Clinics etc..

Special Features :
- Providing outstanding quality oil-less & dry hygenic compressed air.
- Steel housing with fire proof protection, Noise isolation to achieve low noise decibel.
- New improved design piston rings material for better performance and durability.
- All round ventilation ensuring low temperature inside the housing which prolongs component lifespan.
- Rust proof air reciever and copper joints allowing longer life and hygenic air.
- Auto drain valve smartly removes water & impurity.
- Protection relay system that will protect the motor from overload and power interruption.
- Other optional extra fine air filters to help producing clean air are available, such as : Line filter ( up to 3 Micron ) ; Micro Mist Filter ( 0.01 wtppm ) ; deodorant filter ( 0.003 wtppm )

Clean air without any contamination are very suitable for hospital; clinic & lab use.



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Puma Oil Free Piston Air Compressor

Price:SGD $ 500.00

Puma 1.5hp Direct Oil-less Air Compressor

WE125A c/w 23L MOM recognised Air Tank

Price:SGD $ 580.00

PUMA 1/8hp Mini Air Compressor

MA1000G 1 phase 230V 50 Hz 15Lpm @ 30psi

Price:SGD $ 250.00

PUMA 10hp Oil Free Bare Compressor Pump

BF100 Air displacement : 1330L / 50.5 cfm

Price:SGD $ 5,500.00

PUMA 10hp Silent Type Oilfree Air Compressor

BFS100 Air displacement at 1330L per min or 50.5cfm

Price:SGD $ 13,500.00

Puma 1hp 6L Oil Free Air Compressor

MC16 0.75kW 1phase 230V 50 Hz

Price:SGD $ 450.00

Puma 24V DC Direct Drive Piston Compressor

DC076 0.75hp 95Lpm/3.4cfm 24V

Price:SGD $ 420.00

Puma 2hp 95L Oil Free Piston Air Compressor

BF20100 Single phase 230V 50 Hz 285L pm or 10 cfm

Price:SGD $ 3,000.00

PUMA 2hp Oil Free Bare Compressor Pump

BF20 Air displacement : 275L / 9.5 cfm

Price:SGD $ 1,450.00

Puma 2hp Oilfree & Silent Air Compressor

WDS230 1phase 230V 50 Hz 30L Air Receiver c/w SGS Cert

Price:SGD $ 3,500.00

Puma 4hp Oilfree & Silent Air Compressor

WDS430 Single Phase 230V 50 Hz

Price:SGD $ 5,800.00

PUMA 5Hp Oil Free Air Compressor with 155 Liter Air Receiver

BF50160 3 Phase 415V 50 Hz 740 L/min or 26 cfm

Price:SGD $ 4,800.00

PUMA 5hp Oil Free Bare Compressor Pump

BF50 Air displacement : 700L / 25 cfm

Price:SGD $ 2,680.00